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If retailers wish to avoid passing on the credit card fee, they must adhere to the contractual regulations established by card issuers like Visa and MasterCard. Honest Processing can streamline this process and guarantee you're following all requirements.

The merchant must be registered with the card brands, which our team handles on your behalf. Customers must be informed of any credit card fee with the appropriate signage at the store entrance (if applicable) and at the point of sale, which our team supplies. We ensure that the fee does not exceed 4%, and that the merchant doesn't make a profit from it. The credit card fee and the purchase amount are processed together, and the receipt shows a separate line item for the fee. Furthermore, our solution can detect when a debit card is entered and does not apply a fee.

When customers opt for a credit card, they cover the fee as well.

When a customer is making a purchase through Honest Processing, they are made aware of the fee amount and given the ability to opt for a no-fee payment option. This ensures that you will receive the full amount of the sale.

When customers opt to use a debit card, they are not charged any fees.

Your customers have the opportunity to make payments without incurring any fees. Honest processing is compliant with the regulations, automatically recognizing when a debit card is entered and ensuring no fee is applied. You will only be charged the minimal cost of utilizing debit card acceptance.

Frequently Asked

Can companies legally offer a "cash discount" program?

Generally, it is not permissible to list the cash price and add a fee at the point of sale.

Most cash discount programs that do this are in violation of the card brand rules, as they indicate the cash price while increasing it upon checkout. If a fee is added to a listed price, the card brand rules must be adhered to, and the fee should not be applied to debit cards.

An appropriate cash discount would display the "credit card price" and the "cash price" with equal importance whenever prices are listed or quoted.

May I cover the cost of card acceptance through the imposition of a "convenience fee"?

No, you cannot.

May I waive the credit card surcharge if a customer using a debit card selects the “credit” option on the machine?

No, you cannot.

Are there distinct regulations that apply to government and educational establishments?

Yes, they are eligible for the "service fee" program.

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