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Given the growing prevalence of cash discount or discount offer programs at merchants, Honest processing encourages merchants to conduct a thorough evaluation of such programs to guarantee they are in accordance with Visa Rules.
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Cash Discounting & Discount Offers

At Urban Pay, we have been noticing a surge in queries regarding discount offers, or what are more commonly known as “cash discounts.” Businesses may ponder various programs that are being provided by their processors or agents, however they should always consult the Visa Rules on discount offers prior to engaging in such an activity. As stipulated in Visa’s discount offer rule (ID#: 0008590), retailers can solicit cardholders to pay with other means, but only in ways that comply with the Visa Rules, such as by offering a price cut off of the standard list price.

The automotive fuel industry is one area of business that makes use of this system. Generally, fuel merchants employ signage that shows the credit price alongside the discounted cash or debit price. It is important to note that the discount is taken from the original cost of the fuel, and isn't just a fee or surcharge that is deducted when the customer pays with cash or debit card.
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To motivate customers to purchase with cash or in-store gift card, we are offering a 4% reduction in the total cost of their purchase.
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